A quantum change in energy supply is required to build and sustain a vibrant, environmentally‐friendly economy

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Figo Power

Figo Power is a joint venture between Sellbridge, Fratelli Investments Ltd. of Kenya and Geo Omni Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd of South Africa. Figo Power intends to generate a minimum of 24 to 50 MW of electricity into the national grid, through a modular geo plasma power plant, using 900 to 2500 tons of municipal waste daily, as its feedstock. The power plant is designed to be modular expandable in capacity while the plant is running live, giving opportunity for growth, and will be located in the western town of Kisumu where the feedstock is readily available.

Kisumu is one of the fastest‐growing towns in Kenya, with an international airport and a gateway to East and Central Africa. More importantly, it is estimated that the town produces approximately 500 to 1000 tons of municipal waste dailywhich can be augmented by collection from neighboring towns and has access to national transmission lines managed by the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Ltd. (KETRACO)

Figo Power proposes to separate its activities into two management businesses: Construction Management and Management Power Operations.

The Opportunity

The Opportunity Figo Power offers, in summary, lies in the following elements:

1.          Power Supply Capacity

            1.1 -  Increased Capacity of Power Supply

            1.2 -  Self‐sustaining in Power requirements after the initial start‐up required input.

2.         Environmental Improvement

            2.1 -  100% Destruction of daily waste streams

            2.2 -  Reduction in requirements for future landfills

            2.3 -  On par with Gold Standard of environmentally friendly electricity production

            2.4 -  100% use of output products

  1. 3.        Building Human Capacity

            3.1 -  State of the art technology

            3.2 -  Knowledge transfer through education and training of Kenyans

            3.3 -  Create Employment growth

4.        Self Sustainable Business model

            4.1 -  Financial partnerships reduce risk dramatically for all parties involved

            4.2 -  Pro – forma off take agreement offered by government

            4.3 -  Technology allows for sustainable energy surcharges on rates

            4.4 -  Technology allows for carbon credits

            4.5 -  Technology generates extraordinary income out of sales of output products