Designed for the generation of electricity from tidal
and river streams

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Sellbridge and it’s partners are developing designs for the generation of electricity from tidal and river streams based on the principle of the patented ‘Hunter’ turbine.

The total UK resource if the best locations with fast-running currents were utilized is estimated to be 18 TWh in the year, for which about 6 GW of installed capacity would be required. The best locations are shown on the map. However, if all possibilities were exploited, 94 TWh in the year is estimated.
A device for extracting power from a flowing stream has been proposed and patented. The device has a vertical axis and can respond equally to flow from any direction, so that no yawing mechanism is required. This simplicity is a key feature. A number of blades are attached by hinges to a central drum. During rotation, the blades open when the flow exerts a net positive pressure on them. They then drive the rotor around until the relative motion closes them again, after which they present little resistance while completing the rotation.

Advantages of the TidalFlow Power Concept

1.    Simplicity

2.    Requires no active control of the surfaces below water

3.    Independent of tidal direction

4.    Drive train and electrical generating elements completely above water level

5.    Rotating surfaces can be easily hoisted above water level for maintenance

6.    Barge-mounted units can be towed to port for major repair, or to another
       site for redeployment                                                                                         

7.    Units can be easily reconfigured for deeper sites                                    A 100 W installation under test in the Thames