The importance of doing more with less

Sellbridge Limited is a Sector Development Company, with total dedication to Africa, specifically focused on the development and financing of large-scale turnkey core infrastructure and services related projects, incorporating massive housing schemes, roads, rail for both cargo and passenger transport, pipelines (oil & gas), fuel storage, wastewater and water operations, ports and terminals as well as buildings for both large scale commercial and residential projects.

Our processes and systems have been particularly effective in the field of Construction Implementation management, representing significant advantages over existing methods employed within the standard practices generally practiced by other companies in the field.

Sellbridge combines and integrates our highly advanced and proven methodologies and applied construction technology within a single framework that proves useful in significantly advancing the field of Construction Management so that other companies and project owners can have the opportunity to adopt and adapt these integrated forms of managerial, process control, human capability, and Construction Technologies to achieve superior project value.


We deliver integrated turnkey engineering, construction and project management solutions