Our aim is to make low cost but high quality housing accessible to all aspiring home owners in Africa

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Sellbridge is working with it’s construction company and has secured a large amount of houses of the One Million houses of the Angola Government Housing Program to be implemented under the “Pérola Verde Project” who’s beneficiaries are the members of the Angola Armed Forces. They have the full support of the respective Government Ministries and the General Staff of the Angola Armed Forces in order to fulfill this said project.

Sellbridge with it’s partners have successfully operated in various areas of South Africa, Africa (Angola, Botswana) for the past couple of years working on both small and large scale construction, repair, and alteration projects.

Sellbridge is providing a factory build housing system that can cater for numerous uses in the building industry e.g. new houses, extensions, garages, clinics etc. It provides the national housing market with an easy adaptable system that is adaptable for any income group. The Sellbridge System virtually makes bricks and mortar obsolete, due to a remarkable advance in the building industry not only for cost efficiency and labour saving but its versatility and aesthetic appeal.

The Sellbridge System offers a product that comprises both unique design characteristics and a combination of innovative materials and manufacturing methods that enable full assembly and occupation within 6 to 14 days. This is achieved without the need to engage skilled artisans, laborers and engineers, who are scarce, costly and in high demand.