Trevor Michael Hart-Jones

The members of the Sellbridge Board of Management are responsible for managing the company and representing it to the public.

   Trevor Michael Hart-Jones (Chairman)

South African born and educated.

Michael has been in the front line of African Affairs for most of his working life. Started his career in London within the Television media later joining the BBC.  Documentary film making specializing in African Current Affairs lead him to being invited to join the then Rhodesian Television Corporation.  Successfully  working  his way up to Head of Television and Production. After 10 years Michael left Rhodesia to pursue his personal interest in promoting African Affairs.

His drive for humanitarian equality  has driven him into successfully establishing a better working knowledge for many African countries using their potential selective mineral resources for financial and humanitarian infrastructure projects. With the introduction of new financial formats targeting the much needed housing problem throughout Africa, Michael has joined Sellbridge  with consideration of using his vast knowledge and connections  in Africa together with the combined and collective knowledge and experience  of his co-directors.