Robert de Lange

The members of the Sellbridge Board of Management are responsible for managing the company and representing it to the public.

   Robert de Lange (Director of Finance)

South African born and educated.

Robert de Lange has an extensive experience in corporate financing and worked for many years as legal officer in the SA banking system. He also working as a financial advisor in Europe, London and Switzerland. He studied degree B-IUR from the University of South Africa, he specialized in Roman Law, Roman Dutch Law I and II11, English I, Accountancy, Latin, Criminology. 

In 2007, Robert joint Level UP SA, an Advisory Group in Switzerland and he became member of the board in several companies in South Africa , Hong Kong and United Kingdom. He has established excellent relationships with large companies as well as Financial Institutions and Sovereign Wealth Funds in various business areas. Especially targeting Africa to assist in funding various projects.  He is also working as external portfolio Manager to facilitate and manage several client accounts through registered Hedge Funds in Bahamas and Guernsey. He joined Sellbridge in 2012 as Financial Director and Advisor and assist in arranging funding for Angola, Kenya, South Sudan, DRC, Swaziland and Lesotho.