James Eves

The members of the Sellbridge Board of Management are responsible for managing the company and representing it to the public.

   James Eves (Sales & Marketing)

James Eves has an extensive experience in the publishing world before moving on to become a Sales Consultant with Kardex Systems working directly with Blue Chip companies including I.C.I. ,First National Bank, British Airways ,Hewlett Packard , as well as many Local Government Departments.

In 1996 he was head hunted by C.L.A. as Sales and Marketing Director playing a major part in introducing bottled water into a very young UK market. Joined Sellbridge in 1998 as Sales and Marketing Director spearheading further exportation and marketing of the European Bottled Water Industry.

Over the years, James has played a major part in working and developing projects for the much needed Water Purification Systems throughout Africa.